Let's Help Comodo to reproduce the dll problem [RESOLVED in v2.0.11.43+]

Guys please help comodo reproduce the deleted dll issue.

But for keeping you safe first do a backup-image of C: partition. There are a lots of apps for doing this but since most of us have Nero here is a simple guide on how to do it with Nero Backup.(prepare some blank DVDs)

  1. First open “Nero StartSmart” and select “NeroBackItUp”
  2. On the new window select “Drive Backup”
  3. Select the C: partition
  4. Press "Start Drive Backup
  5. Select Target and point at your DVD-recorder drive
  6. Press “Next”
    07-08. Select the item in the “source Drives” space
  7. Press “Backup”
  8. The Backup process has started

ps.1. I have tried CAVS in 5 different pcs and unfortunatly could not reproduce it.
ps.2. If someone cannot enter in windows how will he copy the log that CAVS2 create?
%Documents and Settings%\All Users\Application Data\comodo\Comodo AntiVirus\TroubleShootLog\cavasm.log

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The hal.dll problem happened to me too, long before I was aware of the possibility it could happen. What happened was that I had bought Download Accelerator 8.1 (DAP). Had installed it, and wanted to ad antivirus checking to it. Found the main CAV file (the one with blue icon). Right after all hell broke loose, and I was told that DAP had a Backdoor Trojan Virus (can not remeber the exact name). But it was sent into quarantine. Everyting became very unstable on the machine, so i decided to restart. When doing that I could not get up agian. The hal.dll was destroyed.

What I did to come up again was to use my Ghost backup, and restore hal.dll and wpa.dbl from the System32. The wpa.dbl is to avoid to have to re-activate my XP Pro. Restoring hal.dll alone resulted in demand for re-activation before I could fully restart.

Hans Christian Faerden

Just an update on the hal.dll issue.

From CAVS 2.0.11.* onwards the hal.dll issue has now been found and fixed by the CAVS team. Thanks to Kendrick for helping solve the problem.

Please see the following post from Kishor for more information: