Let's Go Comodo

Comodo Internet Security needs to get tested on the Firewall Challenge. We’ve gotten CFP 3 to the number #1 spot before and though it’s not the number one firewall overall (stupid Outpost), CFP 3 is the best scoring free firewall in the challenge. Just for the heck of it, they tested CFP 2.4 and it did better than the bad corporate loonies. Comodo’s made a dent in the big companies cause their stuff couldn’t keep bad people out and ours could.

Don’t forget that the version tested in Matousec was not So, results could have been different. We never known, but what we know is that CFP and now CIS, which includes the new version of Comodo Firewall is a great product.

I am going to test this new version and see how it goes. The previous one ( allowed webcam loggers to show my face on the screen, even though always blocked. I’ll see how it behaves now.

I suppose that with ‘Firewall Challenge’ you mean Matousec?

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