Lets find an alternative for uTorrent


Now that the uTorrent is going legit and the whole user community is “dumbfounded” about the move why not develop a lightweight application that would replace uTorrent.

And we shall call it Torrmodo…LOL

Cuz everyone’s just waiting to see who’s gonna come up with the next best solution…

Torrmodo eh!!
Sign me up as a beta tester.

Why not just use “legit” apps? :wink:

The torrent community exists cuz of the “not so legit” downloads…
That’s a fact… whether ppl like it or not!
who wants to send their download information to these big companies so they can monitor what’s going on…

That’s the exact point I was making. Torrents are a brilliant concept, but the bulk of its current use is for “no quite kosher” purposes.

Given that Comodo base their business on being a company that evokes trust, how would providing a tool that is predominantly used for “non-kosher” purposes further their claims of trustworthiness?

There are other alternatives, you just have to look a bit deeper. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S You must be an Aussie, a Kiwi or a nightowl, given the speed of your response and your post about cricket (you can’t hide behind a yahoo address forever ;)).

Dint I just say “Go Sri Lanka!” I’m from SL.
good luck with your match today against Windies…Hope they won’t score 500 plus today…
Cuz we need to keep the record for ourselves (:TNG)

There are other alternatives…But nothing as good as uTorrent…

I don’t really care as long as it’s (1) small, (2) fast, (3) easy to use, (4) easy on the resource, and most importantly… b free[/b].

uTorrent fits the bill perfectly!


Yes, just use a previous version. I rolled back to 1.5 and no issues. Bram Cohen isn’t stupid. He provided a free program, very small in size, very easy on CPU resources. Huge hit. FREE. Someone offers him literally millions for his coded program. I’m sure he has bills to pay. What would you do? cha-ching… You got that right, all the way to the bank.

What’s wrong with 1.61?

Nothing, some people are just over-reacting :smiley:
I’d bet that an enterprising hacker has already picked it apart, and would have reported anything worrisome to the file-sharing community.