Let's check how CLT scores this beta

I prefer to post it here instead of inside the CLT post, because CIS 5 is still in RC stage.

I recently downloaded the CLT Leak test to see how CIS 5 handles all the securities issues.
I got 320/340 which is no bad but I want to score 340 -fails in ExplorerAsParent and Coat-

My CIS is set to Proactive, Firewall & Defense+ set to safe mode.
Which is your score and your settings?

340/340. Internet Security configuration. Settings are in signature.

Windows7 x64 gets a perfect score with default settings.

Windows 7 x 64, custom settings

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I got only 330/340 with default settings, it missed on 25.

Can you give me the Link to test it my self?


I’ve tried different CIS’s profiles -Internet, Proactive & Firewall- with default settings but I can only score 330.
Even if I set D+ to ‘paranoid’ and firewall to ‘block all’, I get this score. CIS fails on 25. Impersonation: Coat
How can I get a score of 340?

My OS is XP SP3

Safe PC mode on D+, Internet Security profile, nothing else changed, run, sandboxed it, answered no to everything… :-TU

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I performed the actions as you said but I ‘only’ get 330.
What I can see is that, all the people that scores 340, are running W7. Mine is XP SP3 32bit
Atriks also scored 330 and I bet he’s running XP too.
Could this be the cause -iexplorer-?

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Remove all rules you had in D+ and Firewall for CLT, then run the test again, sandbox it, also uncheck create rules for safe applications… If you still have 330, then could be XP or something is in your system that should not be.

Internet Security all default settings. CLT.exe was sandboxed it the beginning. if 2 pop ups were answered as block the result was perfect 340/340. Second time I still blocked the pop up of D+ about the hook that could be a keylogging technology but allowed firewall pop up that clt.exe asked for internet connection. so i got 320/340 (with 21 and 25 vulnerable)

case closed…

Hi GakunGak.

Before I posted the previous message, I’ve already uninstalled CIS and reinstalled again so there are no rules for CLT.
I’m searching in the COMODO Leak Test forum to see how many people have the same issue and I’m not the only one.
People that are running this test should indicate their OS. Maybe is not CIS but XP or iE8


Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit, fully updated…

You’re absolutely right, we need


of CLT or someone from the moderators to clarify what is going on on XP systems… :-TU

Don’t worry, still you are protected from major threats [if you play your cards right] and use Common Sense Internet Security 2011 O0

;D ;D ;D

If I can confirm it’s XP, I’ll open another post with this issue.
However I’ve read from the Test Leak forum that some people running W7 are scoring 330 too with default settings ???

I have windows 7 64 bit and managed to get 340/340 if i answered to pop ups “block”

Did you see these pop ups and how you answered them? One is from D+ about hooking and another from firewall

Me 2, on Pop Ups only answer with Block!

Yes, I sanboxed the application, got the pop ups and answered block to all but still scoring 330.
I’ll try the EricJH suggestion according to what Ronny said.
I’ll post the results tomorrow. Time to sleep…