Lets all panic together, my lady allowed apps internet access

As stated my lady allowed 2 apps internet access. This strikes me as rather strange.

First, she NOT meant to be on my computer.
Second, the apps are Nero and PCHealth

I was lucky she took a note.

She had been using Nero earlier. From Outlook Express she tried to open IE from a link. At this point she got the pop-ups, she blocked them but then the link wouldnt work and apparently she couldnt get any internet access at all. After shutting OE she tried a link from the desktop, again the pop-ups. This time she allowed them.

I scanned my computer with AVG and then did a scan over at trendmicro, there was one worm. It looks like AVG captured a Trojan earlier today.

Where from here, I’m getting sick of this. I’m working 2 jobs and trying to learn how to secure my computer in between, if I’ve got time after cleaning it all the time.

Do i now need to block the above 2 programs now, if so how ?

Thanks in advance

We can now add to this that MailWasher is getting pop-ups, something about IE or the parent (iexplore.exe) has been modified, this is typical of trojan,virus etc,etc

While removing an earlier threat I turned off “Secure against trojan protocols”, naturally I forgot to put it back on.

Now that its back on there seems to be no problems (fingers crossed).

Hopefully tonite I will have time to upgrade and start setting things up correctly.

Hi, not all IE attempts are attacks. Some progs use OLE automation to connect since they don’t have their own service to do so, this is quite normal and CPF has a setting to not show you these. If you know it’s on your system\an installed program, it’s typically safe. Outlook express uses IE, etc…
You are having the same issue as far as blocking the internet as others when denying these. Check my post here…