Let me decide when to get bases.cav

When an update comes along e.g. 1383 I like to download the full install of the new version, save my config, uninstall the previous, and reinstall the new full installation file.

When the new installation is launched, CIS immediately commences downloading a fresh bases.cav file, which at 150MB or so is a big hit on my ISP. So I have to immediately shut-down my PC to stop the download–AFAICT there’s no way to abort it, you can only Hide it, so I have to restart my PC into Safe mode and install the bases.cav I have on hand.

I would like to see these large downloads handled more gracefully, even if this means only to add an Abort Download button next to the Hide button.

There is a way around this.

  1. Before you uninstall the older version, make a copy of the SCANNERS folder under CIS
  2. Instal the new version and, when rebooting, go into SAFE mode
  3. Copy the SCANNERS folder from step 1 over the SCANNERS folder in the fresh CIS install
  4. Reboot to normal mode

Problem solved!!

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

But only on Windows 7 CIS will almost immediately start updating the AV before rebooting. You will have to block the connection to stop it from updating.

Yes Ewen, EricJH got it right, as I am using W7HP64.

I hadn’t thought to just pull-the-(ethernet)plug on the PC, but I suppose I can add it to my (already somewhat tricky, convoluted) upgrade process. I still hope COMODO will see to make this easier to do for my multiple PCs. If the payware version simplified this I would consider it:

  1. Download the new version of CIS (once for all PCs)
  2. Save CIS’s current configuration file to the Desktop along with the new installer and my bases.cav
  3. Uninstall CIS
  4. Reboot (to remove all traces of old CIS)
  5. Install the new version of CIS
  6. Pull the plug on Ethernet* and reboot to fully install the new CIS (Eric’s idea, fine with me)
  7. Set msconfig to Safe boot (different PCs seem not to respond to Fkeys so this is foolproof)
  8. Restart the PC to Safe mode, copy bases.cav to scanners. Re-plug the ethernet.
  9. Set msconfig back to normal boot
  10. Reboot
  11. Import the configuration file saved in Step 2
  12. Do a full scan (bah!)

Ok, it’s harder to write than it is to do, but I still wish COMODO would make it less tricky to avoid the 150Mb download of the new bases.cav file!


Good know know - thanks Eric. :wink: :-TU

When you say “pull-the-(ethernet)plug”, I assume you’re just going to right click on the NIC and disable. :wink:

Much easier than crawling under the desk and unplugging.