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install geekbuddy and let our Geeks install CIS and configure it for your for free!


Is GeekBuddy the same as livePCsupport? If not, what is the difference between the two?


with Geekbuddy, there is no credit card required. you simply install and get help for free for 60 days…

Hi from Croatia

Mr Melih
I have one little question :wink:

Give me a reason why i should stop using my two commercial solutions,
avira is & bitdefender is, and start using cis?

Some of my friends consider me a fool because i pay something that is worse than free cis.
Thay constantly bothering me with youtube tests with comodo.

Am i a fool with other 2 milions avira bitdefender users?
With these solutions i use “lite” hips spyshelter on both computers.

Is the sandbox of God’s creation? :slight_smile:

I think your product is complicated.
The first day my printer and canon camera finish in sandbox ;D

When i ask my comodo friends to help me, thay answer me i’m stupid.

why bitdefender and avira newer analyze my camera and printer…oh yes,and my leadtek tc card ?

I know cis is for free, but can you tell my friends that i’m not a fool, because i pay antivirus solutions.

Thanks Mr Melih.



And others…

Forget your friends, spend time browsing around and make your own mind.
Good luck.

I know cis is for free, but can you tell my friends that i'm not a fool, because i pay antivirus solutions.
I think I know where this is going Just use whatever software makes you happy, but whatever software you use. I'd make damm sure you can always get good help because some places have terrible customer support or no one is competent enough to really know what there doing. There's nothing worse when nobody can and/or will help you when things go crazy

Hope you find whatever suite you :■■■■

i wonder how their malware removal abilitys are languy99 should do a review on an infected vm and see how they work languy can u do a review of it?

Nobody calls him fool. In fact, he is very funny guy…
The reason why we started arguing with him is his claim that free solutions suck.

Another reason for us to try to make it easier and more user friendly improving the antivirus and behavior analysis.
Welcome to forums Torrente.

I agree with you.
I appreciate your effort guys.

But i need an answer… do i have right now very good protection with my solutions?

I’m not obsessed with zeroday malware.
Im not youtube guy with a bunch of zeroday viruses.

Try the folowing


It will work with your setup and it won’t conflict.

Just make sure to read the instructions.

I have almost all of it, thanks.


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I just want to confirm from you guys, and from Mr Melih…
is it cis better than my bitdefender is with all the extras you see on desktop?
hitman pro

(yes i now last three are just manual scanners )

how about comodo time machine users istall this geek buddy & let the experts solve their problems.

Infections are always with newest malware, you can have worst AV on the market for successful fight against wrinkled ones… and I dont want to pay for that :wink:

I greet all of you.
No response on my question.

good luck ,and dont sandbox peoples cameras and tv cards.

Keep Avira or Bitdefender until their license expire.
Then you can get the CIS protection :slight_smile:


Is GeekBuddy support(remote) multilingual or it’s just English?

Can I talk Swedish or Chinese with them? ;D

Hi Melih

Thanks for your reply. What happens after the 60 days free support? Does this service then become paid for? Can GeekBuddy be installed along side livePCsupport? (which has now expired)


It will sandbox anything unknown. I don’t know why you’d want it to be anything different. You can submit the unknown files to Comodo and they’ll check them out. If the files are safe, they’ll automatically disappear from your unknown list and will no longer be sandboxed.

after 60 days, you have to option to pay $49 for a fully year support.