Lesser known softwares you couldnt live without

As we all know there are many popular softwares out there but im always curious about the smaller and lesser known softwares people use. What are your favorite softwares that nobody knows about. Try to keep your list >5

Ill start:

  1. Find and run robot - a great and super customizable application launcher (free)
  2. Renamer - A small and very powerful batch file renaming tool. I use it to organize my pictures and music.
  3. Nexus Winstep - An extremely customizable doc, it is similar to rocketdock and objectdock. I just found out about this software today but so far love it. Its very stable and has so many options.

Nexus Winstep is a big name in customizing PC’s. It is well known. My software which nobody knows about? It’s a hard one LOL! I don’t know. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if it’s unknown or well known but VPNCheck Pro

And this one seems to be very unknown outside of this forum for some reason? Comodo Internet Security… I haven’t come across it once outside of this forum and when people are asking about free security suits in other forums, I seem to be the only one recommending it… They know about the firewall though! That’s a good thing.

Can’t live without is a little overboard, but here are some software that I’m sure to download if I had to reinstall Windows.

  1. MiniMe
  2. Wipeout
  3. cFosSpeed
  4. Buster Sandbox Analyzer
  5. VirtuaWin
  6. WinParrot
  7. LastActivityView

im surprised iv never heard of it. There software is great so far. Do you know if they still actively develop winstep? Every other doc software seems to be abandoned.

How did you came across it? Yes they do still actively develop Winstep from what I know.

came across it on wilders, someone was asking about dock software.

(:CLP) Thats the number 1 of any soft wares .

1 kg of white grapes just for 1 £ . The are realy very soft ;D . After you are finish with a big pizza and a botle of coke sitting long hours damaging your PC and stressing CIS6 its time for the proper soft ware .
Once you manage to finish that 1 kg of the softy graps ,you are ready for a coffee.

Thats the latest soft ware a found today in London.