Less resource usage for On-Demand scanning

The resource usage may be statistically low, but I know my computer well enough - it is significantly sluggish while COMODO Antivirus is performing an On-Demand scan.

Huge thanks if this is improved in 3.9.


EDIT: when I state “sluggish” above, it’s regarding opening new programs or documents. What’s already opened tends to run fine. But for example, while the on demand scan is running, opening Microsoft Word takes up to 10 seconds or more!

EDIT: Another good example is running Superantispyware on demand together with COMODO Antivirus on demand. Superantispyware is basically nearly frozen in scanning until COMODO finishes. My previous antivirus slowed down the scanning of Superantispyware, but no where near as much.

There have been suggestions made by several others (myself included) that would help resolve this. Let’s see how 3.9 functions when it is released.

I still notice this problem with CIS 3.10

It would be nice to have levels of how much CPU cycles a scan may take. Spybot has such a function for example.