Less Control over programs

i just reinstalled windows and with that reinstalled comodo firewall and have the latest version, but i seem to have less control than what i did before with the older one (1-2 years old) i had on my system i would get popups when a program tried to run something or connect to the internet and would ask my permission every time unless i clicked remember my answer.

the new version i have installed seems to automatically give certain programs permission to do what they want and connect to the internet and there has been a couple of programs i have had to give permission on things to install but after it has installed it can freely connect to the internet without permission.

as you can probably tell im a little bit of a control freak but is there any setting i can turn off in the new version to make it more like the old one i had?

Do you have the Firewall in Custom Ruleset? I don’t personally use it, but I believe this may be what you are looking for.

I’m sure someone else will stumble upon this soon to provide more detailed advice.


It sounds like your firewall is set to ‘safe mode’ which is the default setting. As Chiron said change it to ‘Custom ruleset’ and it will alert you to every connection.

Hi, thanks for the replies, i tried custom ruleset but it didnt solve the issue so i got v5.12 from another site and installed that and now i have the control that i want back, obviously i would like to use the most upto date version but if i can not have the control i have with an older version then i will have to just stick with it.
thanks again for the replies

That’s strange, it should work in V6 just like it did in V5. Maybe ‘Do not show pop-up alerts’ was ticked.

i checked all the settings and i was getting some popups but not all of them like in v5, i even reinstalled it and clicked customize installed and unchecked the box to stop it reducing the amount of alerts i get but even that didn’t solve it :frowning: