Legit or Malware?

Yesterday I was browsing & got the window. I cancelled it.
Today too I was browsing & got the window. I cancelled it.
I was browsing trusted sites & no shady sites.

Is this legit or malware?
Attached is the screenshot.

Win 7 64 Bits

[attachment deleted by admin]

Is it a pop up of your browser or a process that starts running?

I dont think its a browser popup.

On Wilders too I have opened a thread & discussion is going on.
One user mentioned he too gets this window but dont know why.

sfc /scannow didn’t find any errors.
chkdsk didn’t find any errors.

I think Google Update is the culprit for this window appearing coz when this window appears that times log in eventviewer is google update that mentions update failed, either its not installed or corrupted.

I have Google Chrome, Picasa & Google Talk on my system Win 7 64.

Under services, there are 3 services related to Google.

Google Update Service (gupdate), Automatic (Delayed Start), Stopped
Google Update Service (gupdatem), Manual, Stopped
Google Update Service, Manual, Stopped

Any of the above services Status & Startup Type is wrong & needs to be changed?

If it is a program then I would expect it to show up in KillSwitch or similar tool. See what the parent of this process is and where it is on the hard drive. Then check its properties to see if it digitally signed and if there are clues to what software it belongs.

Removed all the google softwares, chrome, picasa, autobackup & google talk & remnants.
Reinstalled chrome & picasa.
Lets see if the window appears now or not.

Google talk is discontinued?

I think they have a replacement called Google Hangouts. :slight_smile: It is part of Google+.