Legit and safe program installed in sandbox... now what?

I’ve just installed Comodo Antivirus (latest version, and I forgot about the auto-sandbox feature (IIRC avast or other programs have some promt about sandboxing). When installing I am sure I’ve unchecked the options that “disables most prompts and takes automatically the recommended actions” or something like that - so I expect to be prompted for every action - which did not happen.
Now I’ve installed a legit and safe business program (if Comodo is using a whitelist it’s very improbable it includes this software) and it has been sandboxed (the program runs in a green rectangle). I don’t like that and I don’t need that. [L.E. - and the program does not work correctly, too - I’ve imported a data file into it and now it’s frozen!).
What do I have to do to get the program out of the sandbox? I know I could just disable the sandbox and reinstall but this takes quite a lot of time, I’d prefer just to “get it out” of the sandbox if possible.
The advanced settings/ sandbox do not look as in the online help:

I have Antivirus, Defense+ and File Ratings menus on the left, and Defense + contains HIPS, Sandbox and Viruscope.
In the Sandbox menu I only see “Sandbox Settings” and auto-sandbox.
There is no list of sandboxed programs as shown in the online help.
So… how do I “unsandbox” the program?
Thank you.

First thing I want to point out is that the help documentation that you linked refers to version 6.3 here is the link for configuring the sandbox for version 8.2 Configure Sandbox, Sandbox Computer Security, Desktop Software | Internet Security To prevent the application from being sandboxed every time you run it you can define the application as trusted under File Rating>File List in the Advanced settings window.

Also you may want to check the File Rating settings for trust files installed by trusted installers. File Rating Settings, Virus Protection, Internet Protection | CIS Help | COMODO

Thank you both, futuretech and aim4it.
Indeed that is the settings screen. I noticed the sandboxed programs can be seen in the active processes list.
Of course, as I assumed, you can’t “unsandbox” a program installed in a virtual enviroment - because it isntalled in a non-existing hard drive so to speak. So I had to reinstall the program after white-listing it.
On the other hand I found comodo untivirus a little too confusing to me (too many terms such as viruscope, defence+ and so on - why are they needed? do they name new technologies, really?) and the interface maybe a little too cluttered (this is just a matter of taste); after installing it it took ages for a first scan that never finished in 2 hours (all right maybe that was full scan not a quick one). IMHO one shouldn’t need to climb a “learning curve” just to understand a new antivirus. You got real time shield, on-demand scan, heuristics/behavioral analysis, quarantine… these are standard terms, what else is nedeed? Why new and confusing names?
Also after restarting the system the resident shield did not start (there was no icon in system tray).
Long story short I decided to replace it with a different product.
Thanks for your time.