Leftovers of Ask Toolbar in Comodos folder ( X32)

Windows XP pro SP3
Comodo Firewall Pro X32

I installed Comodo Firewall Pro WITHOUT the Ask Toolbar. Later when I scanned my PC. My Security applications found some .tmp files in Comodos folder that are related to the Ask Toolbar. If I decided to install Comodo WITHOUT the Ask Toolbar, there SHOULDNT be any files related to this adware.

So I supose that the bug would be to have a better installer that doesnt leave leftovers of the installation or at least no leftovers of the adware.

File detected s1.tmp.
Another file that I supose that is related to the Ask Toolbar but is not detected is s2.tmp.


P.S.: I added the files in a rar archieve: Leftovers.rar

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