Left over

i have seen alot of videos in youtube that CIS sandbox always put leftovers of virusese and other bad kinds of programs. Why hasen’t CIS fixed theas any if the aren’t to fix theas what is the solotion to this?

These are just harmless files that will not jeopardize your security in any way. A lot of them are temp files that can be cleaned with Ccleaner others are just allowed for usability to not break programs that install or run in the sandbox. I hope Comodo are going to implement something that will track these files and let you manually remove them (similar to Geswall) but this is not vital.


But it always good if CIS can delete them.

I agree. But it would have to be manually.

yes, but are there any solotion to fix this

You can adjust the level of the sandbox so that any programs running in it will not be given as many rights.

Personally, I keep mine set to “Untrusted”.

Why would you even want to have a unknown bad file running in the first place? Disable the sandbox and safelist so you also can prevent execution and won’t have to worry about comodo signing malware as safe.