Left or Right?

Hi everyone,

see this interestin’ article in dailytelegraph and wanna share:
take a look and tell wat u see:)

for more comments on heraldsun:

It’s clockwise :wink:

And I think they’re wrong about the ‘Right or Left’-part, because if you look what they’re supposted to stand for, it doesn’t fit in on me.
The left part of the brain is more like me, but the picture says it’s the right part.
Also, ask the creator(s) and they’ll say it’s spinning clockwise!


I had it spinning both ways. So does this mean i don’t use any parts of my brain? ;D

Lol, let’s hope it’s both parts instead of none ;D


I also had it spinning in both way. As for me it is a HOAX. The animation changes periodically. Just look at it for 15-20 secs. Or is it the result of the fight between the left and right side? ;D :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyhow its funny.

first it’s clockwise, and then it’s anticlockwise ???

edit : it’s clockwise!

I see both, but I can make it change direction whenever I like just by how I am looking at it.

The trick is not to look at the dancer, but to look at the shadow of the dancer :wink:

COOL (:CLP) than you can customize which part of brains you want to use ;D

Yep ;D

i see it clockwise no matter how i try to see in different way or try to remind myself “hey man its CCW.” My fren saw it CCW and i spent quite some time lookin at her nice body just to figure out how can he saw CCW. I’m actually amazed dat ppl can see it CCW.

I also concern abt the behavior of left rite brained person described in da article as theres also someone commented (s)he doubted.

For me, I feel I’m left-brained as I’m “logic, math and science, reality based” but also rite-brained as I’m “symbols and images, creative, risk taking”

However, I did a search and found dis test also abt left rite brained:
and it determined I’m slightly more rite-brained.

dis is a gr8 xcuse for ur bad grade in sch :slight_smile: based on left-rite brain.

After all of dis, consider wat u was taught in ur old-day biology clas:
rite-handed person is left-brained and vice versa.

No matter what I do or where I look, she keeps moving clockwise :THNK (L)

then, what am i? i use left hand/leg (holding racket) as well as my right hand (writing)

It’s clockwise no matter what, and I think the shadow is wrong at least if we suppose normal ground. I don’t get the anti-clockwise thing. ??? And I don’t think this is a valid test for anything let alone brain dynamics, sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW she’s ■■■■ hot :-*

i know it took me 30 minutes for the test i never paid attention to which way she was going :wink: haha just kiddin

For me it was mostly turning clockwise, although for a moment it changed. But mostly, I was getting dizzy and sick and had to stop watching.


Its surprised for me to kno most of us here see it clockwise and NONE see CCW!
As i gav to my frens and most of em see it CCW (actually all see CCW except one guy say can see both directions)!

Can I say computer-minded ppl is mor rite-brained (in which I accept the given info fr da article) ?
it sounds logical since most of us here try and test things dat can contribute to “risk takin” while most ppl dun wan and scare of gettin’ dirty and spoil their comp.