left hanging on the user account 'welcome' window after installation 'restart'!

Hi Ronny,
I’m not sure you fully understand, as in your last two posts your advice steps start by asking me to first uninstall CIS.
By default I remove CIS immediately after one of the many failed installation attempts, because in the process of finalising the install - as the computer restarts & I sign into the user account I’m here left hanging on the welcome screen. So I usually force shutdown, reboot in safe mode & remove CIS straight away before rebooting once more in normal mode, otherwise I would be unable to communicate with this forum.

I can reboot a couple of times though.

I’ll mark the time & give it a go & then post the error logs.

Done that

00:40 Shutdown
00:42 Reboot
00:52 Shutdown
00:53 Reboot

Did another screen shot.

I highlighted one of the previous DCOM errors in case it threw some more light on the situ’

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This may be late in the game here, but running the procedure and tool from the following link strikes to the heart of the original issue. IMO.



Thanks BF

Gave it a try, anything’s worth a shot.

First ran Kaspersky removal tool as standard and returned “Kaspersky Anti Virus was not detected”, so ran again from Command Prompt but whichever way I entered the command I returned “(command) is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file”

Though I’m pretty certain that there are no operating shreds of Kaspersky left now after running Revo uninstaller, CCleaner, Registry Mechanic & also Autoruns as suggested by Eric.

Thanks for your input though, much appreciated.

There is deffo something wrong with your system, all those red alerts should not show up…
I think you have to find the first red alert error after system startup, that will probably cause the rest to fail also…

Hi Ronny,

The first error after system start up is 'Windows Defender - Event ID 3003

Log Name: Application
Source: Microsoft-Windows-Windows Defender
Date: 28/01/2010 00:45:37
Event ID: 3003
Task Category: None
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Windows Defender Real-Time Protection checkpoint has encountered an error and failed to start.
Checkpoint ID: 7
Error Code: 0x80070005

Copied & pasted this info’ ^ there was a lot more information than this that I haven’t included here.

How do I start dealing with this problem as I’m well out of my depth here!?

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Should I try a clean install of Windows Defender ?

Not sure, hard to say like this… do you have any idea what could have started these issues?
Did you have any trouble with any software and/or malware infection etc?

How far do you need to go back in the eventlog to see when the red alerts stop like these? That could give a clue about when what happend…

Blimey, we’re into another bag of worms here!

I had a crash last year about 8 - 10 months ago where I was unable to regain access to my user account & after muddling around for a bit the only thing I could figure out to do was create a new user account, I never did get to the bottom of it (possible conflict with Apple Quicktime, I remember my DVD drive wasn’t recognized).
So more than likely the problem goes back much further!

On looking at the Error logs they go back to when I first got the computer in May 2007, the instances start to get heavier in July 2007.

The first instance of the Error log with Windows Defender was in June last year, the first instance of a DCOM Error (server register timeout) was the day before.

As far as I am aware I have never had a malware infection.

I’m clutching at straws here.

I think the best would be to find someone who can fix your system, this looks complex and can become very time consuming if done via the forums etc…

You could try Live PC Support and see if they can fix it remote.

Comodo’s free live PC support had crossed my mind but their disclaimer didn’t exactly inspire confidence!?

Have anybody on your friends list that could assist you?

Even after a clean install I am still left with the exact same problem!?

Am I the only person to have experienced this problem?

Can you please provide the steps you took for the “Clean install” is that only a clean install of CIS or a complete OS install?

I can confirm that it was a complete clean install of the OS.

Backed up all important files, put the reintalation DVD into the drive, restarted the computer & started again from scratch.

Just curious, will a cntrl-alt-delete when you’re hung on the welcome screen allow the boot to complete?

Sorry, been away for a few days,

@ 63hokie:

At the moment I’ve installed Avast as I needed the security & my patience had worn thin with Comodo CIS, so am loath to meddle now without good reason.

Could you explain the reason behind pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete as a possible fix for this problem, allowing the boot to complete?!