Learning Mode isn't asking me anything

Hi, New to Comodo, so I really need some help, or to pointed in the direction of somewhere I can find the answers.

I assumed that Learning Mode would allow me to choose whether to allow sites or not. It isn’t working that way. I tested it on a torrent site, and it did not ask me anything. I tested it on a porn site and it didn’t ask me anything.

Plus, I get a “Searching for secure connection” message in the status bar, not for all sites, but for most, that is SERIOUSLY slowing down loading time.

Plus, SRWare Iron (Chrome clone) browser started crashing several times a day after I activated Comodo.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

You only want to run training mode if you can’t get an application to function any other way. Training mode simply creates allow rules for anything and everything while it is enabled. So if you have something malicious trying to access the internet when you’re in training mode, the firewall will allow the connection and create a rule that says this is OK.

So which mode do I put it in so it asks before allowing? I put it back into safe mode. Is that high enough? I had Outpost before, and it always asked if I wanted to allow a connection, and that was how you trained it. Comodo doesn’t do that, and it’s really bugging me that it just lets everything in.

Now I have to go run a bunch of scans in case something bad got in while in training mode.

Yeah, I think when you enable training mode, a descriptive warning should pop up that explains what it actually does before you turn it on. It can be potentially dangerous.

Safe mode is good, that’s what I run.

You can use the Stealth Ports Wizard in the firewall tab to have it ask about incoming connections.

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Thanks! I’ll do that.