Learning a firewall-rule with specific destination:port [RESOLVED]


I’m coming from Outpost, where the following was possible…

When I start an application which requires outgoing network access, the Firewall Alert box pops up. How do I respond/configure to just allow by learning this one specific network access? So for exactly this destination-IP:port?

  • Allow this request allows for all IP’s and all ports. I do not want that
  • I do not want to Block this request
  • Treat this application as does not help, since usually this specific destination-IP:port is not defined yet

Yes, I could edit the rule afterwards or create very detailed predefined applications, but that’s a lot of work…

So a possibility in the FW Alert box like:

  • Allow
  • Source: any or
  • Destination:
  • Port:

would be great!

Any solution to this? Thanks a lot!

Greetings from Bavaria

Only takes a second to edit a rule. Did you read all the sticky posts under important topics?

Try going to firewall/advanced/firewall behavior settings/alert settings and set the slider to “very high”

Also make sure the Firewall is in “Custom”

That was it! (:WIN) And shame on me, I could have found that myself… (:SHY)


Glad it worked for you. We’ll mark this thread as resolved then. PM any mod if you need it reopened, or open a new thread if you have other questions. :slight_smile: