"Learn mode" only for "Component Monitor" ? Not "App Monitor" ?

Under the tab “Security->Component Monitor” I found the radio button “Learn mode”
I guess that this means that after a popup the user’s preference show be added to the rule pool
(=it should learn).

But why is this “Learn mode” only available for Components and not for “Applications” ?
I did not found such a radio button on this (Application) tab page.

Hi, if you look at the component monitor, these are many of the applications so would be the same thing. The componets are more or less a more detailed version of the application. Like my Fix it utilities.exe , it asks so I give permission , under components it’s listed MXRTVSNT Avanquest, etc…so under the applications it’s still fix it.exe . In general this is the same program and is learned through component monitor. Although in application monitor you can right click edit and learn the parent application if you wish or other options. The components are listed with the .dll extensions or the program and you may see many pertaining to one program in the application list. Once again, Fix -it has about 14 but in application monitor, there is only two, one for the MX update and one for Fix it.exe itself.