Learn Dependencies on First Run

I first started using comodo probably 2 or so years ago, give or take. When I first found it, I was surprised at the amount of flexibility it had and everything that I could do or disapprove of with it.

Naturally I pushed the program to it’s limits, put everything on high paranoid schizophrenic mode, and set-up everything manually.

Naturally next time I shutdown and came back to use my computer, the OS wouldn’t boot. However, aside from the generic rules ask, allow, block… there are often dependencies between programs… so protecting system processes is often a bad thing unless you account for all the dependencies.

Now I figure it would be a whole lot easier to do that, with a check mark which appears with the first alert for an executable. [ x ] Learn Dependencies during first run

So if its the first time you are running a program, the alert will pop up. You set the rule set you want, and you check the box to learn all dependencies. So if it needs to access a protected process’s memory that dependency is resolved, and an exception is added where need be.

If you know you missed some during the first launch, open the process manager built into comodo and right click to enable learning during that session, or perhaps right click the app you’re running and select the option then. However it must be implemented to insure dependencies between processes can be ensured.

The difference between this and what is already available, is that it still allows for creating and setting a structured set of rules for a process. So it allows use of predefined rules, and it doesn’t apply the learning to all processes, only the individual application you want.

I don’t know about other, but I would want the learning to function both ways.
Executables that need A.exe, as well as executables A.exe needs.

As it stands, I feel that the protection rules are great, but have no use. Due to the complexities of dependencies. I don’t so much want to go about setting all the different programs that need one another. That could take a week or more. What a boring use of time that would be.


This would be a handy function to have in Comodo, especially with all of the various dependencies that many modern applications (particularly games and various networking/analysis tools) have.