Hi All!
PC with Comodo
Comodo settings: Application Behaviour Analysis fully enabled, loopback check skipped, Alert Freq set to “Very High”.
I installed Gajim and asked it to show server parameters. Opera opened me URL, requested by Gajim without a question about access privileges. And about 10 minutes later Comodo Alerter told me, that Gajim changed Opera interface, and what I think to do with this fact. Seems to me, if it would be a malicious soft, it would got me :frowning:

Next time I run .htm file with Java applet from cmd. Opera successfully started and shown the applet content. Few minutes later I was informed, that cmd tries to use Opera, but the “attack” was already complete - Opera started, applet shown. And my PC was “hacked” again.

So, is it a leak or maybe I don’t understand something?