Leak tests

Hi Guys
Didn’t have much to do today so I played around a bit with a couple of suites and the leak test suite.

CIS 3.4 330/340 - missed on the coat test ( cant figure out how to get the extra 10 - can anyone help)
CIS 4 150/340 - missed a whole bunch (I also know it will get better)
KIS 180/340 not real good for being so called top notch
Avast 5 100/340 again not real good for being so called top notch

shadha (:CLP)

http://remove-malware.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=26449#p26449 :wink:

I get 340/340 with CIS 4 beta 2 (sandbox disabled) and 250/340 with sandbox enabled (Untrusted).

JoWa, what settings are you using for…






Configuration: Proactive Security
Defense+: Safe Mode
Firewall: Safe Mode
Antivirus: Stateful

With sandbox enabled, but virtualization disabled: 340/340.

Read this post. :wink: