Leak tests question

Sorry if it has been asked already but I know people say leak tests are legit and safe to run but I still dont like the idea, so my question is this do I really need to run each and everyone to check if I’m safe or should I be covered (protected) from these leak tests as long as I properly installed the firewall?

ps I checked on http://www.matousec.com and it says that with default settings Comodo passed most of these leak tests, yet some people on various forums say theirs failed, is it due to them incorrectly doing things or could mine be vulnerable???


By default Comodo Firewall 2.4 is already configured to keep you safe. Also the default settings pass most of the current leaktests, however with some of the latest Matousec leaktests, they have been changed a little and Comodo 2.4 does not stop these with default settings, however with some simple rule modifications version 2.4 can pass the latest Matousec leaktests.

Now do you really need to run the leaktests yourself to see if your protected? I would say no, you don’t, as I said you are already protected by default, and the default protection is very strong as you can see with the latest Matousec results :wink:


It also depends on how each person responds to the tests. If selected incorrectly, one can fail. Also, a reboot between tests may prove necessary.

One last thing is it normal for anti-virus software to detect these leak tests as malware?

Even Matousec’s sites reported some AV vendors detect them as malware. Normal? Depends on each product’s engine like heuristics or the usual blacklist. Some do depend on their AV or whatever component to handle them, but Matousec thinks it’s ridiculous as malware is always changing, improving and can fool their detection vs more “permanent” types of countering different leak techniques (aka “attack vectors”) that firewalls like CFP contains or HIPS solutions.