Leak Testing

Hi guys,

There is a new leak test here:

our Comodo didn’t pass it…

Actually only the TinyFirewall pass’ it so is not a such big tragedy, but see what you can do about this.I would like that Comodo to be the seccond one :wink:

Comodo already passes this test as of version

I tried with Comodo and it didn’t pass. I have all Default settings (inc. all Application Behaviour Analysis “ticked” and the block IP in, allow IP out under Network Monitor). The text I typed in went to their site without any popups (I have popups enabled).

Log showing access to pcflankleaktest:

Severity :Low
Reporter :Network Monitor
Description: Information (Access Granted, IP =, Port = http(80))
Protocol: TCP Outgoing
Source: ...:2519
TCP Flags: SYN
Reason: Network Control Rule ID = 0

Hi Steve,

Can you try with “Automatically approve safe applications” option disabled?


Just tried with and without “Automatically approve safe applications”, still fails test…
I have ver

are there any application rules that could have allowed this somehow?

You should have seen a popup like this.

[attachment deleted by admin]

no popups at all. I ran the leaktest with no apps running, manually started IE7, typed the data and it failed.

I looked at the connections list and it was avast webshield that quickly sent TCP 80.

Hmmm. Can you disable Avast webshield and retry?


I didn’t get any popup at all with the default settings in this test.I sepcially looked for it, believe’me :wink:

However, I was able to define a rule that block it, but the new users (like me) might didn’t know this from the start.

The reason can be IE because he is used here, and maybe the version local settings, etc… Hwo knows…

On some pc’s might work, on others not.

I am using WindowsXp TabletPc Edition.


still failed. the connections list quickly shows IE TCP 80 out

Let me download and test with IE7 then.

Just did a search and found that Tiny fails with IE7 aswell!!! An IE7 problem it appears as Tiny passed with IE6.

Hi Steve,

CPF does not fail with IE7. Actually it passed with flying colors here. I wonder if CPF passes thermite and copycat tests in your PC. Can you test them as well?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Yes passes them fine

Hey egemen, if its late there or your busy we can look at this another time, I dont want to keep you on here all day lol (V)

There is a key called

“HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Personal Firewall\AppCtrl\IPC”. Can you completely delete that key, restart your PC and retest?


Egemen is based in the Jersey City (USA) office and does not sleep! :slight_smile: (However, we do let him go for his lunches once a week :slight_smile: )


That fixed it. It still said failed, but the popup appeared like yours and the webpage was not loaded with my text.
Is that ok?

That IPC key has not reappeared, what was it?

Yes it is OK. Although the test says your firewall failed, actually it is not. This means, while you were testing previously, you accidentally approved and remembered a popup. IPC key keeps your answers to the leak type popups if you select “remember” option.

If Tiny fails with IE7, this means CPF is the only firewall that passes this test:)

FYI, We are going to release an update tomorrow(friday) which addresses a serious leak related to windows background intelligent transfer service(BITS).

Thanks for the cooperation Steve,


Cheers egemen. It may be worth adding a list of allowed OLEs (or what ever it was) so they can be allowed or blocked, like the component monitor?