Leak Test

I have just installed Comodo Firewall. I tried the leak test with a fail!

Your firewall didn’t pass the test and transmitted information to our website.
You typed: Manchester city"
This time it was useless information - next time it could be your credit card number or other sensitive data being passed to a hacker.

Comodo Personal Firewall 2.0 is the only firewall to pass the Parent Injection Leak test with its default settings.

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Yes I am a Manchester City fan.

Am I doing something wrong in the configuration?

I have deleted delete the registry key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Personal Firewall\AppCtrl\IPC” and restarted my PC after deleting.

It still fails!

when the CPF popup opened asking you for permission to let the leak test out on the internet… did you Allow or Block?

If you chose Allow, then that might explain your end result.


I do not recall a pop up but, having installed the beta version, a pop up occurs!

Correction. Yhe Comodo leak test page just goes to fail with no pop up . It was another leak test page where the pop up occured???

Can you paste a screenshot of your Security->Advanced page? Make sure “Monitor parent application leaks” option is enabled.

And make sure you did not select “Skip parent check” and “Skip advanced scurity checks” option for your default browser.