Leak test results not perfect.

I leaked tested my Comodo firewall 6.0 and the most I can get is 310 of 340.Am I doing something wrong?I thought that Comodo passes it’s own tests.I am running Windows 7 64 bit.I have tried all configurations even block all.

well i got a 200/340 with hips off, defenese + set to untrusted like chirons directions say.
I think someone needs to address this. I am not using defaults. and there are leaks everywhere. 200/340 using chiron’s install directions. This is unacceptable using Comodo’s Own Leak Test.

If you have the behavioral blocker turned on it will not do very well on the test. That is because the leak test was created to test strictly HIPS-based protection. Therefore, with the newer innovations Comodo has made the test is no longer applicable to the newest versions of Comodo Firewall.

But are these still real leaks?
I turned on hips and left defense settings the way you said and still got a 200.
I now have set sand box to restricted instead of untrusted and still a 200.

What settings get a 320? I am under windows 8 x64 Pro Maybe their are some problems.

As far as I unerstand it, no. I believe that the only way to ‘trick’ the leaktest into giving you a good score is to turn off the BB and use only the HIPS. That’s because it was really a HIPS that it was designed to test. Using the BB will make it appear that the system is not protected while in reality it is. It’s just a limitation of the leaktest.

With Defense + behavior blocker off and just hips on set to safe mode in a proactive configuration i score a 190.
Makes you believe something needs to be fixed.
My Mom’s laptop in firewall mode all defaults except behavior blocker on. Scores a 200/340 with windows 8
There has to be something wrong

Nothing to fix, the CLT was meant to test HIPS only suites, as in CIS 3.5.
Using sandboxes and BB and such, CLT is no longer applicable as a valid test software. It is completely unreliable these days.
Best advice, don’t use CLT as a test program!

Getting Accurate Leak Test Results

I retested with the behavior blocker off and CIS 6.0 firewall scored 340 of 340 :smiley: So should I turn the behavior blocker off? When I tested with behavior blocker on it scored 300 of 340.It connected to internet using IE 10 and Google Chrome to give me my score.It failed #10,11,24 and 25.

No, you shouldn’t turn the behavior blocker off.

Part of what the Leak Test does is assumes that if something has been allowed to run, the system would be compromised if the process was malware. In the case of the automatic sandbox, the process is indeed allowed to run, however, it has been sandboxed so the process is limited in the damage it could do to the system.

As has already been stated, this test doesn’t adequately test a security suite with a sandbox.

I decided to run this thing inside the virtual kiosk so people who wrote this app and know how the tests
work would have the results. right now it’s hung on icmp test. maybe someday it will time out so we can see the final results of it in the virtual kiosk… Test won’t complete inside the virtual kisk.

Chris6815 got perfect results. I see Chris is Windows 7 sp1 64bit. so i just need the settings to see what it does to Windows 8 x64. I would like to test windows 8 x64 cis 6 with same settings to see what it does.
and then run it inside the kiosk too. :o

After playing around i found the test won’t complete if you right click on it and say run in comodo sandbox.
with Behavior Blocker set to untrusted and hips on with safe mode… i just click run isolated twice. start the test and get 340/340 Now on Win 8 x64

I also just ran it as administrator and granted it unlimited rights instead of run with isolated rights and still passed 340/340 with the way my settings are.

You guys can argue for or against Chris6815 all you want.

Does any of your argument STOP the next 0-day Java?

And if it doesn’t: why does the TSVL still exist as a component of CIS?