leak test on 2 laptops

Sorry to have to post this again but when i go back to my last post I don’t have a reply button to answer anyone back. Anyway here it goes again.

Well as I said everything is sensational on my machine but just did an update on my wife’s laptop and with the same settings as mine the best score i get is 170/340. Now testing with sandbox disabled and I get 160/340. My laptop is an acer aspire 5536 with Windows 7 ultimate (full blown version not update from vista) and my wife’s is a dell inspirion 1721. I run the same apps on both so there is very little difference in the configuration but obviously the hardware is somewhat different. I just tried mine again in case I was going mad or something and got 340/340. Also rebooted my wife’s laptop and tried again and got 160/340.

Ronny made the suggestion that UAC could be the problem but the first thing that is disabled is UAC and Windows firewall. Both have been disabled for months now.

Can any of the dev’s figure this one out as its got me totally stumped.

your help would be very much appreciated.

shadha :comodo110:

Make sure that on the laptop which has lower scores in CLT, the Defense+ policy for process %windir%\explorer.exe is set to Windows System Application or Trusted Application. See also this thread.