Leak Test issue with 3.10.102363.531

Just ran the leak test with this version of CIS.
I blocked everything as always, but the first test, Active Desktop, came up vulnerable, even though I blocked it. Ran the test twice to be certain I hadn’t allowed it by accident.
Score: 330/340
Proactive Security, Firewall and D+ both on Safe Mode.

Configuration as below (in my sig)

Run the test and got 340/340 :-TU

I can’t confirm here on Win 7 RC 32 bits. On what OS are you?

What happens when you make clt a blocked application in both D+ and firewall?

Eric, if you are asking [me], my OS has not changed. Vista Ultimate x64 SP2.
If I block CLT (when starting it,) the program does not run. (Allow the program to run, block everything else).
I test CLT with every release (3.5, 3.8, 3.9, and now 3.10).
The first test in the list is ‘Hijacking: ActiveDesktop’. The alert pops up, I block it, CLT then says the test failed (Vulnerable) and moves on to the second test (Hijacking: AppinitDlls).
For some reason, CLT is being permitted to continue this test even after being blocked. (note, I also ‘Remember’ my responses. To rerun the tests, I first clear any CLT rules, both Firewall and D+.)
Note also, with new rules created with this release, there was no pre-existing CLT rules with neither the Firewall nor D+ (a clean test).

Last night I ran clt and block all requests and got 340/340. Odd thing I noticed you said your tests start with Active Desktop. In my case it starts with Missing Driver Load and ends with Active Dekstop. I cannot change the order with the user interface of clt. I am using v is what mine says, and ends with ‘MissingDriverLoad’.
Just DL’d and re-installed. The sequence of tests is now identical to yours, and I now get the 340/340.

Somehow CLT had reverted to an older flavour or become corrupt.

Completed scans with MBam, SAS, CIS. System clean, no viruses.
I have been removing a number of applications and games of my HDD (unused so a clean-up if you will), maybe something changed during this (can’t see CLT changing, though)?

Just rechecked the test logs. It still shows as v1.1.0.1.

It is truly odd your clt got messed up. I could not think of anything right now.

I got the from this topic by egemen: https://forums.comodo.com/leak_testingattacksvulnerability_research/comodo_leak_test_suite_updated_version-t30110.0.html;msg217573#msg217573 .

May be a minor glitch in the program that it reports different version number on 64bits?

That is the file I DL’d and re-installed today.