Leak Test Got Through

I recently used AWFT leak test from http://www.atelierweb.com/awft/. One of the tests that it ran gave the following result. See attachement .jpg. I am wondering if Comodo is aware of this?

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I ran the leak test but my firewall (McAfee) failed all of them. :frowning:

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On my system CPF pass all 6 AWFT leak tests. Which is your version of CPF? Is it the stable or the beta?


I have conducted the leaktest on CPF (took a lot of time) and am proud to say that CPF passed all of them if I select the right Allows or Denys. However, I came out with some questions and hope someone will help me understand the AWFT better. Below is a summary of what happened during the AWFT test:

Test 1: Passed with no problem, browser continue to work as usual.
Test 2: Passed. However after I deny access by my browser to the Internet, I cannot use the browser to browse anymore. I have to restart it in order to use it.
Test 3: Passed, no clicking required. However, after the test is performed, clicking on a link on the browser will cause a pop-up, similiar to Second PopUp Screenshot below. I will have to click Allow in order for the browser to continue working.

Test 4 & 5: Passed, if I click Deny to the pop-up. The pop-up is the First Screenshot below. After that, when I click a link on the browser, it will cause a pop-up, similiar to Second PopUp Screenshot below.

Test 6:
Passed. However, clicking on a link on the browser will cause a pop-up, similiar to Second PopUp Screenshot below.

Okay, based on the summary above, a few questions are lingering in my mind. Why is the Second Pop-Up (the one that comes out when I click a link on the browser) is worded in such a way? I mean I understand that AWFT have modified the Firefox in the PC memory. But given such an explanation in the pop-up, I find it rather confusing and am at lost initially as to click Allow or Deny. Clicking Deny would render the browser inoperatable until it is restarted.

The first pop-up is all fine as I know that when there is no action on my part and suddenly a pop-up appears, I should click Deny. However, the second popup that follows when I click a link have a rather confusing explanation.

I hope someone from Comodo could explain this issue. Thank you in advance.

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p/s: I am really proud of Comodo. Passed all 6 Test. ;D McAfee failed all of them…

I’m really lost about allowing or denying applications.

Sometimes I allow something I should’ve not allowed and then I forget what it was. I think I’ll just delete all the rules and start applying them again. :x

Hi pandlouk,

My version is stable.

I also had browser functionality problems after some other leak test’s I performed. Not sure if this is a firewall issue or a result of the leak test.


Well is a result of both. Some types of leaktests patches the browser in memory or inject a dll file. CPF is doing its job by blocking them. For resolving this issues you have to reboot your system. :wink:

I am also using the same version as Stupify. I have to restart my browser in order to use it. Isn’t there anything Comodo could do to enable me to use it without restarting my browser?

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