Leak Protection doubt...

I ask for one, I ask for one! :BNC

I’ll have to write one sometime soon… In the meantime, here are a few reasons I use CFP instead of ThreatFire on my machine:
a) CFP has full firewall.
b) With CFP, I get to make the decisions on what behaviors to allow or block.
c) CFP can block individual behaviors while still allowing a program to continue running. ThreatFire, in older versions, cannot block an individual behavior, except by terminating the entire program. Newer versions of ThreatFire may have changed in this respect, with regard to ThreatFire custom rules.
d) CFP doesn’t have whatever overhead is necessary for the behavioral analysis that ThreatFire performs.
e) CFP detects some things that ThreatFire does not. For example, CFP detects all 7 keylogging methods of AKLT keylogging tester, while ThreatFire detects, if I recall correctly, 2.

I will wait!
Anyway, as this topic was about something else, I am going to open a new topic specifically about a comparison between Defense+ and ThreatFire (as if I understood well the real similitude is with D+, not with the Firewall).
I wait for you there…
I have read that review, and your post in the other forum, and I understand that I can use both at same time with no problems. But, to the other topic! (it is to be read as “to the batmobile!”)


I did find at a later time an issue with prior versions of both installed - see https://forums.comodo.com/bug_reports/some_keylogging_methods_are_not_detected_with_threatfire_v3014_21_x32-t20301.0.html;msg139414.