Leading Certification Authority

What makes Comodo a leading certification autority? a quick google query revealed at least one more “leading” authority - and i assume there can be only one “leader”… so what is the truth?

PS these claims always made me laugh actually, some time ago i queried some software site for antivirus and was surprised by the amount of anti-virus software existing… Most of them were fake AV’s and every single fake one had a “leading anti-virus provider” claim on their web site :-))))

We are the ones who initiate new standards for the future of Certification authorities (eg: www.cabforum.com was my initiatiave that i started) and we are the ones who continually innovate new products/methods to improve and we are the guys who tries to make all this as affordable as possible for the masses.

Hope this was a good enough answer :slight_smile:


You will allways get leaders in any field, this can only be a good thing as it helps for a thriving enviroment in which the leading companies must perform at the same level as there peers or they will be left floundering.
New initiatives such as the one Melih mentions makes all the other producers of certification realize that unless they too are up there with the leading pack then customers will move away.

Anyone can claim that they have a leading product but normally only the true leaders(as verified by an independent third party) will actually accomplish what they set out to achieve.

Sometimes it takes a lot of balls to force through changes, which in time become the norm,remember the earth used to be flat until the leaders of the expeditions around the world changed peoples thinking.

Good luck to all, Matty