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Layered Security Architecture & Incompatible Issues (Explanation)

Interesting article Josh.
I find it flawed in one respect
You are assuming Comodo and all it’s parts will run happily with all other software this is not the case.
I ,myself have a situation where i am unable to use Comodo AV because it conflicts with another piece of software that i have installed.I consider this piece of software essential so Comodo AV has to go.
As i don’t want to be left without an anti virus i have to search until i find a program that does not conflict with my installed software and will run quite happily with Comodo Firewall and Defense+
I have found such an anti virus with a first class reputation with which i an very happy.That is to say no conflicts in any way.
I shall continue to use this anti virus until such time that Comodo takes note of my bug reports.
I have reported since v 507/508/509 and still no action.
Your comments will be eagerly awaited.
The Anti Virus i am refering to is Avira


Thanks for your comments. The main reason for this article is to use Prevention first and having something that is designed to work together. People will have bugs with all software, AND this is just the beginning with COMODO. Yep, CIS will have incompitable issues with other security software, which is why I pointed out the How Compatible CIS is With Other Security Products: Your Opinion Needed thread so COMODO can see what works with CIS and what doesn’t. And off course, people can use whatever they wish - NO ONE should be forced to use just CIS because it’s designed to work in harmony!

This sticky I made is designed to teach people to use Prevention first and NOT detection, That wilders thread is only one simple example, and to use something DESIGNED to work together in harmony. If you really are still having problems with CIS as an whole, I can have an EasyVPN Conversation with you and try and resolve the issue 1 on 1. PM me for this and I’ll help you out. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply.
I am hoping that the next version will sort the problem.
That will tell me just how much notice is taken of “Bug Reports”
My problem for your interest is that with Comodo AV installed i am unable to open “Intel Desktop Utilities”
This is a program that monitors voltages,fan speeds and temperature of my computer and advises me if my computer is running abnormally.So you see it is a very important program.
To enable IDU to run,having tried it with Comodo AV installed,it is necessary firstly to remove Comodo AV and reinstall IDU having firstly removed the remnants
You will see that not only does Comodo AV stop IDU from opening and running it kills it.
I am sincerely hoping that the next version of CIS cures my problem as there must be millions of computers around with Intel motherboards and processors who are unable to use IDU.
I have posted the problem many times on "Bug Reports"because the problem has been around since V.507/508/509.Strangely enough the problem was not there with Beta or RC versions.
So you will understand that this is not a simple matter (get round) but a fundamental flaw in Comodo AV.

I hope your issue is resolved in the next version rambo. :slight_smile:


For what it’s worth, there are a lot of programs out there that will provide you with the same information (and a lot more) than IDU…

I am aware of that
The problem with those is that they don’t put up a warning if your computer is running incorrectly.

Thanks for your interest

Actually, a lot of them do.

I still rather have the genuine one with Comodo Firewall,defense+ and Avira.
Until the next version,i hope

Your choice, of course…