Lavasoft Ad-Aware 2007

For anyone who is interested the new version of Ad-Aware (Ad-Aware 2007) is scheduled to be released on 7th of June. This new version has many new features and improved scanning engine.



Thanks for notifying us :■■■■ .

Anderow, are you one of the BETA testers ??? And if so, can you tell us something more :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

I did try the latest beta for a few days but because of a currently heavy workload I have not had enough time to fully assess it. However, from what I did see it is much improved and now has extra features such as , improved scanning engine, a Hosts file viewer, some realtime protection etc. It also gave me no problems with CAVS or CPF - they seemed to play well together.
The GUI is a lot better too,quite snazzy compared to the old one and skins are better for those who like to change them occasionally. From what I read in the forums at Lavasoft a lot of testers are impressed with the new product - and over 300,000 people downloaded the beta.

I will certainly give it a try next month though I may not use all of the new features - I have BOClean now so the Ad-Aware realtime protection may not be required. I will most likely use it just for scanning periodically as an extra check. I think it will be like many other such programs, it will suit many people and many others will not like it. I say give it a try and if it does not suit then get rid. When CPF 3 and the next CAVS are complete I have a feeling I will no longer use Ad-Aware or Spybot but I will continue to use them for extra checks until then.
I know there are some improvements to Spybot due soon and it will be interesting to see how this compares with the new Ad-Aware in future.


Attached is a screenshot of the main interface.


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as this is the beta for the full version, you’ll have to buy it (or dump it) when it’s final, won’t you?
May question: Will there also be a new “Personal” version? If so, does anyone know something about improvements in the free version?
All info is greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance,

There will be a free version to replace Ad-Aware Se Personal, I think this will not have the Lavasoft Ad-watch stuff with it. As far as I know the free version will have the improved scan engine, realtime protection, incremental updates and some other features and will be a big improvement on the old SE personal.

The free version should be on the Lavasoft website on the 7th - I suspect servers will be very busy on that day though.


Hey, thank you for your info Anderow :slight_smile: I always like to hear opinions first hand from end users :wink:

Greetz, Red.

Can’t wait for the final release, I was an early beta tester and it was very interesting, I just haven’t had the time lately to test the newer builds.

well,ad-aware 2007 is released on time,
im stil right here waiting for our comodo firewall v3…

P.S Justin, da free version dun haf real-time protection.
basically, all da features set da differences for free, plus, pro version keep da same

Thank you for the info concerning ad-aware. I happen to be a fan of
this piece of software as it has helped me clean many “funky” systems. ;D

Real time protection is great, I will assume this is meant for IE users rather than FireFox.
Like most of you, I have spent a small chunk of time searching out the best possible combinations for my system that were not only effective, but streamlined as well.

Since Zonealarm became the bloated cow that it is, I was left without a firewall until I found Comodo.
So, here is my set up:

Virus Scanner: AVG
Firewall: Comodo
Browser: Mozilla FireFox v. 2.xx

A very simple, streamlined set. Note that FF plays an important part in this streamlining effort.
Inside of FF I have a couple of small add-ons offered up by the Mozilla pages. One is called “adblock” the other is “noscript” Since these sit inside of FireFox and have no external life of their own, it keeps the system usage to a minimum while achieving maximum results.

My system is ad free. No trojans, No leaks, (thanx to Comodo), No viruses, No ads nor ad servers.
I have not had the need for ad-aware, nor any program like it.

I am posting this just to let those who have found life after IE know that it is possible to be proactive in your approach to a clean system with-out having to clog it up.

For those of you still on IE, ad-aware is a must have. (B)

Just my humble two cents

I have always used Ad-Aware, however I have now removed it from my system. As Papasmurf said, I also use FF now (for 90% of websites anyway) and I feel I don’t really need Ad-Aware anymore. I use BoClean and CAVS (Plus CFP) and feel my system is well protected with this combination. I have spybot on my PC but have not used the scanner for ages: I just use it to check start up programs and check BHO’s + Active X components.

I would have kept Ad-Aware but, aside from the fact that BOClean makes it redundant, I do not like the new version. Scanning takes ages and it is irritating that the ad-aware service starts with windows and it seems the only way to stop it is to use msconfig. Pity really as it was the first anti-malware software I ever used all those years ago.

Still, with my current combination from Comodo I am confident that I am safe from malware now.


I have an off-topic (sorry) but related question. How is the interoperability between CAVS, CFP and Boclean? Any glaring issues? Back about a year ago I tried CAVS and CFP together and had a bad experience (system lockups; one flagging the other as malware, etc.).

So, for the last month or so I’ve been using CAVS 2.0 beta (switched from AVG free) and CFP (switched from Zone Alarm free over a year ago). I haven’t seen any problems, although I had to turn down the HIPS to just exe’s because the popups were driving me crazy (we’re safe surfers in our home). Just thinking of adding Boclean to the mix to add an additional protection layer (read: I’m still paranoid about security). Any advice there? I’m also “guinea pigging” myself to decide what to recommend to my extended family (I’m the geek, so everyone turns to me for help - ever been there?).

In reply to dopyiii, I am running all 3 and everything is fine, they work best when they’re together like that. Each program is fine on it’s own but they all incorperate features that, when placed together, work beautifully to create an almost totally secure system. I used to be paranoid as well but now I’m only running the 3 Comodo products and I feel very safe.

In regards to the main part of this thread, Adaware 2007, I would seriously encourage anyone who is running it to get rid of it and run as far away from it as you can. The free version is what I’m talking about, the paid version is probably quite good but the free one has a runtime scanner of sorts. It is runtime in that it sits in memory and hogs resources but it isn’t runtime in that it doesn’t do anything. It sits there but doesn’t protect you at all. The ony thing it is good for is hogging system resources. Oh, and for disabling it, where ever I have read reviews and the reviewers have mentioned it, they say that it is impossible to turn it off. They have turned this good product into basically a trial version. When you get tired of having something running and not doing anything, they want you to pay some money and make it do something. For me, I just got rid of it and will never touch it again.

Just my opinion, some people are probably very happy with it and would swear by it so…

Matt Segstro

You’re right @SEGMAT - they made a trial software. The previous version had a lot more features than this one. I installed it, checked it, and uninstalled it, leaving the older version. Nothing to discuss, unfortunately. Spybot S&D wins this round with its new version 1.5

After i tested Lavasfot Ad-Aware 2007 i deinstalled it.