Launchpad and apps deleted !! {RESOLVED}


Not really sure where to put this as it affects a few apps (Launchpad, firewall, antivirus and backup)

I installed a security application from my ISP (Telewest) called PCguard and was going to use it alongside Comodo apps already on my system, but with PCguard firewall and antivirus off.

However, PCguard’s antispyware has deleted LaunchPad completely along with parts of the other apps. It was qurantined but it seems to have been deleted after a reboot ???

I’ve tried uninstalling the firewall etc, but just got a message saying a previous version needs to be uninstalled before installing.

Is there another way I can uninstall to re-install these applications again? Typing “fwconfig -uninstall” into cmd line doesn’t work either.


I woulde imagine you would have to be in the folder containing fwconfig.exe to run this.

Also, I think it was emegen posted very detailed manual removal instructions earlier. It was the same posting that contained the “fwconfig -uninstall” tip.

Hope this helps,
ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks ewen for your reply,

I found the file, but it does nothing when clicked on or when typing the command into cmd line.


can you pls get in touch with that vendor asking them why they are deleting our entries pls. I suspect they are misclassifying our entries as Spyware hence deleting. Their basic answer will be because its spwyare, but you need to ask them to re-analyse the product they think spwyare and show the Trustoolbar forum and how other respectable companies are correcting their mistakes. Alternatively use a decent anti spyware from a respected vendor.


No problem Melih, I’ll contact them as soon as possible and refer them to the threads in these forums. My ISP sources this application from another company so I hope they can / will pass it on.

About using an anti-spyware from a decent vendor I look forward to when Comodo release theirs and then I know this won’t happen again.


We are increasing our efforts and investment in trying to speed up the Comodo Anti Spyware. (will be built into Comodo AV for efficiency). Developers want to eat lunch and go home to sleep! Cheeky huh! Worry not I am on to them :slight_smile: No food, No sleep until we get this out :slight_smile:

In the meanwhile, whatever spyware u can get your hands on, intentionally or unintenionally :-), pls zip and email them to us :slight_smile:


Lol - very cheeky, I think your developers deserve to be congratulated and so does Comodo and you :wink:

I look forward to the AV becoming an AV and AS in one


Well I just got Launchpad back by uninstalling AV and reinstalling, but the firewall does not display properly on LaunchPad anymore, although it is working as normal. :)

Just wondering do you know when the update will be for the FW that will have Comodo’s own un/installer so I can uninstall and reinstall properly.


Well, as far as I know the CPF update should be tomorrow (1st June). This was the last status from the CPF team before I left the office today :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks Melih - thats great to hear ;D


Hi Mike,
As you mentiond that Launch Pad was removed from your system by spyware, it has screwed up the overall settings. So further install or un-install of CLP products may create problems.

This is what i would suggest you:

  1. Un-install CPF/CAV and any other product you see on launch pad.
  2. Go to registry and delete following key: “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ComodoGroup\LaunchPad”
  3. Re-install all the applications back and CLP gui should appear as it used to be.

I hope this helps.

Thanks umesh. I can uninstall the CAV and backup, but not CFW as I keep getting a message that a previous installation of CFW needs to be uninstalled before installing (when I try to uninstall from add/remove programs).

Thanks to umesh’s post I was able to uninstall properly and reinstall without problems.,302.0.html

Thanks umesh,

I thought I would post some screenshots of what I mean by firewall not showing properly in launchpad:

[attachment deleted by admin]