Launched 3 brand New Products today! All about Cleaning`

Today was a special day in Comodo’s history.

We launched 3 very strong products


1)CCE: is a cleaning tool that can scan and remove threats

2)KillSwitch: my favourite, its what an expert needs and nothing more! Armed with KillSwitch malware looks small and bitesize!

3)DACS: One amazing tool that will help end users and clean up AV companies’ act!

Thank you Santa for all these goodies :wink:


Yes Santa cough cough Melih cough cough

Thank You! :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas To You!


Comment: All Three Are Located Here

Santa had deliver it…
Where is it? Look out probably in your shoes…
Merry Christmas!

Thank you Santa Melih… :-TU :smiley:

Merry X’Mas!

It’s a good news!

Thankyou for the great presents Melih and a very Happy Christmas to you.

We are on board our boat in a Spanish marina where it is blowing a hoolie, so not much sleep for two nights now. 40 to 50 knot winds.

my favorite is CCE , I just love its cleaning powers !! :-*

thank you comodo :comodo110:

KillSwitch is just one amazing tool…

click to see all unknown apps…
click to terminate them all…

easy peasy…lemon squeezy…:slight_smile:


Melih, is there any plans of integrating cce cleaning abilities into cis after it develops?

I sincerely hope so :slight_smile:

…and the system is broken. At least if you take the right sample (just tried).
Just deleting the malware doesn’t repair the system, it can even destroy it.

that’s why its not intended to help the average users , don’t you think :wink: ?

exactly right…

CCE is NOT ( I REPEAT) is NOT designed for average users!

Its a tool for the techies…for people who know what they are doing…

Our focus to create “acid like cleaning capability” first…we achieved that…for us “capability” before “usability”…now we can work on usability as much as its possible to do so…


Remember, I promised I would deliver world’s best Detection guaranteed?

Yep…did that…called DACS :wink:

Remember, I promised Acid Like Cleaning?

Yep…did that…called CCE + KillSwitch :wink:

hmm…let me think what else to promise…hmm…maybe a *** ** ****?

Merry Xmas everyone :slight_smile:


Hmmm…looks like a new puzzle…?

Merry Xmas to all Comodo freaks out there!

Surely you don’t mean

(Edit: not serious of course if anyone wondered)

Melih Christmas everyone!

good question, When will these new programs be added into CIS? if at all.

DACS will certainly be added to CIS; Unsure if CCE Will be (Most likely it will be an option Hopefully it will be an option)