latest version

is this the latest version?1.1.64946.38
because i just downloaded and installed it but after reboots it says a newer version is available,it keeps saying it?i tried the internal updater and uninstalled old and install new version but always says a newer version?thanks

I’ve had the same problem. For a while the latest version that you have wouldn’t even connect over the internet. Now it tells me there’s a new version which it downloads but errors every time I install it saying to uninstall the previous version first. I do that but then when I download the cleaner from the comodo site it gives me the same one that tells me there’s an update! How do I get off this merry-go-round?


There were some maintenance and testing procedures executed on the server and the beta version was seen as a new update. The latest official version is still 1.1.64946.38, V2 is still in beta stage. We are sorry for the confusion created by this incident, it has been fixed now.

Thank you for your support.