Latest version serious problem

Hi! The latest version of the Comodo Firewall which finally downloaded and installed today has a very serious problem. It no longer lists all the actual open ports on the computer and what has them open - it only lists current direct application traffic. This is a SERIOUS problem because now one of the key features of the Firewall in helping track down rogue traffic has now gone missing from the software. Please return this feature back to the way it was ASAP! I am going to have to un-install Comodo Firewall and use another one in its place until the Comodo Firewall is fixed in this area.

CFP doesn’t show this in this version.
If the port is used, CFP will show it.
It will be back in the next version.
You can use a program like TCPView from Sysinternals to see ports that isn’t used if you want. You will also have the “close connection” option there, that’s also coming back in the next version of CFP.

I like having this feature too. If its gone from the new version then it’s not really worth upgrading. I’ll keep my 2.3 version and wait till a future version can match it. From feedback I get from friends who managed to download and install 2.4, they said to keep the 2.3 version instead.

What improvements did they make to 2.4 that makes it much better than 2.3? 2.3 seems very stable and some people have been having cpu usage issues with 2.4.

I really miss that feature, too (especially the “close connection” button)…I’ll stick with the 2.3 for now

If the port is used, CFP will show it. It will be back in the next version.

Actually this new version 2.4.x.x does not show localhost connections at all.
The previous version did. At least a chaeck button to see them should be provided.

Hi, new to this board and in need of help. After installing Comodo, my PC will NOT shut down. It just hangs forever at the “shutting down” screen.

I found that if I exit Comodo manually before starting the shutdown process, all is well…pc shuts off in @ 6 seconds.

Any fixes for this??.


Open the Event Viewer (start menu > run > type in eventvwr) see any errors in the Application and System logs. My PC shuts down in 6 sec with CFP. It’s true that that if you manually close CFP first, PC shuts down a bit faster, but this is expected. But for your PC to hang that long isn’t expected.


Perhaps you can solve your shutdown issue by installing Microsoft’s User Profile Hive Cleanup Service (uphclean.exe). You can find this using Google. It deals with problems that can occur at shutdown because applications are sometimes not ready to release something when they receive the terminating kill signal and shutdown is long delayed. Works for me, including with the latest version of CFP (


Checked the event viewer. Under “system” it shows numerous clusters of (3) error messages…7026, 7023,7001 each time I attempted to shutdown (with Comodo running).

Unfortunately, I have no idea what this all means. Any ideas?

Thanks again.

I’m not familiar with the specific event error #'s. If you double-click on each event entry, it should display more info. See if this site will provide more details. I’m sure there are other sites that provides more info. Try googling.

For those interested in viewing all open ports on the PC, Windows has a built in command for doing this: netstat.

open a command prompt and type in netstat -? for a list of all the command options.

some of the options you may find most useful are:
-a show all connections and listening ports

-n show addresses and ports in numerical form
if this option is not used, addresses and ports will be listed in human readable form, i.e. “localhost”, “http”, etc… which may be more useful to you depending on your preferences.

-b show the executable using the connection
please note, this option can take a bit of time to complete and may fail if you don’t have sufficient permissions

-o show the owning process id
as an alternative to the above option, you can use this option in conjunction with task manager to identify which process is using the connection (in task manager, on the processes tab - select “view” then “select columns” from the menu to display the pid or process id). this is much faster than the above but it requires more effort on your part and delivers less information about what application/component is using the connection - i.e. for all those svchost.exe connections you won’t know which components are are actually using svchost

also note, the options can be combined - so you will normally write the command like:
netstat -ab or netstat -ano

Excellent suggestion :slight_smile: I would also say this missing feature on this release of Comodo is not a serious problem at all. It is nice to have but nothing that compromises the security of your machine.

You could also take a look at CurrPorts from NirSoft: CurrPorts: Monitoring TCP/IP network connections on Windows, I use it on my PC regularly and it’s a great little utility. Plenty of other nifty tools there as well, have a look around.


I agree with you. The latest version seemed have a lot problem. It is better be issued as a beta release. After a few days use, two sudden broke down occurred i.e. application monitor, etc. all went off and cannot be turned on again until a reboot. The firewall itself even suggest me to do a re-install in the second time it failed. I am considering to revert back to previous version if the situation continues.

Hope the developers see our views and come up with a positive response!

Also I had a problem with 2.4, so downgraded and decided to remain with 2.3 version until 2.4 will be fixed.

Hi, I don’t have any problems with my PC caused by 2.4.

I run a fair few programs, install and uninstall etc. but not all at once. My PC I would regard as well maintained and “clean”. So I am wondering if maybe some PC’s out there are not too well configured or maintained. Maybe time for a clean up for some users.
I am guessing developers have fairly clean machines so that Comodo program does not get to rub up against a lot of different configurations until it is out there with Joe Public. Some of those configurations could be bloated or less than ideal. For example, anyone who has uninstalled Norton but not run the clean-up tool, could have stuff in their registry that just shouldn’t be there. Multilply that a few times and theres one bloated registry.
Anyway, how about people with problems give more info as to what they have running or a HiJack this log or something, could help the developers and other users more than just saying the prog isn’t good. Just my 2c worth.

Same here, v2.4 is very stable here.

I encountered the same XP shutdown problems as mentioned above when using comodo: system freezes on shutdown with comodo running. Event viewer doesn’t give any meaningful hints. Finally had to remove it… guess I will check back with the next major release