Latest version of Dragon have issue with Flash player

there seems tp a be a glitch with comodo and adobe flash player… im using dragon to play facebook games and in the past week, the game the sims social im playing keeps crashing and the in game fonts have gone blurry, i cant disbale the hardware accelarator either…please help… i have updated to 25.2 but its still the same :frowning:

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Hi beeenanas,

I have split and moved your post, as you posted it in the IceDragon thread, and renamed it.
Next to that I have the same issue with Dragon and FlashPlayer, they only way to ‘solve’ this is to use PepperFlash that bundles with Chrome installer.
Else there is no other option then to use an other browser until Chromium/Comodo fix the issue.

how do i get the peper flash verison on comodo dragon?? can only find it on google chrome…

Hi beeenanas,
The topic in the link below should help.
There’s something wrong with the flash component