Latest version of CIS 5.x

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What is the latest version of CIS 5.x ?? The release notes’ page seems missing! ???
How to download the latest version of CIS 5.x ???

Thanks for CIS 6 Great Features but currently, performance of CIS 5 is perfered :wink:

The latest version is Version 5.12.256249.2599
v5.12 was created to support windows 8. here are the release notes for the latest 3 builds

Version 5.12.256249.2599 10 October / 2012 -Windows 8 Support -PPPoE protocol driver can cause crashes in Windows 8

Version 5.12.252301.2551
10 October / 2012
-Windows 8 Support

Version 5.10.228257.2253
12 March / 2012
-Compatibility with other security suites is improved in Windows 7 x64
-BSOD when corrupted executables are loaded in memory in Windows 7 x64
-HIPS can leak process handles with a special set of access rights
-Smart scan crashes under certain circumstances

older versions can be downloaded from here

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This link contains 32-bit version only!

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Links to other versions are towards the bottom of the page. select the version from the drop down list.

Direct link to 64 bit 5.12:

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