Latest version freezes my computer?

The latest version of the firewall, which should be, has an unusual effect on my computer during bootup. In a nutshell, whilst Comodo is starting up my computer slows down to the point where it could be considered a freeze. I have Firefox in the startup folder so that pops up before Comodo, and I’m able to use Firefox perfectly sometimes (with no internet access). The computer runs very slow and Comodo is completely unresponsive. Most other functions like taskbar and desktop freeze up. One time I waited a fair bit and went back to normal, but I don’t know how long that was. Probably 3+ minutes.

I ended up going into safe mode and reinstalling the original setup file I downloaded, which is version

Also, I used the auto-updater first, so I don’t actually know which revision caused the slowdown, but I know it’s somewhere between and After uninstalling the first time, I downloaded the latest setup file and it still ■■■■■■■ up on me.

Since no other apps start up and such (or cease functioning), I don’t know what the cause of it is. I tried opening the Task Manager, but it freezes when Comodo starts up.

I’m using Windows SP1, but I don’t really know if the Service Pack is of significance. I naturally think of “Memory Leak” for a slowdown problem, but I dunno.

In the meantime, I’ll just turn off auto-update. I don’t care if it’s on or off anyhow.