Latest version bug (v3.8.64263.468)

I must say how disappointed i am with the latest version,I was really looking forward to installing it
I tried the Beta but that had problems,as far as i was concerned but i assumed they would be corrected in the final version but no it is just as bad
The problems are that the CPU runs at 30% and there are some programs that will not open.There was in fact one program that had to be reinstalled because even after i went back to an earlier version it would not open
I am now running V.439 on both my computers without any problems.
Please somebody take note
I really do want the latest version

PS I have Windows XP Home SP3
M/B Intel DG33FB
Processor Intel 2.4 GHZ Core 2 Quad
No other security programs

While I have not tried 3.8 and probably will not until things are fixed I think we should give comodo a chance. They seem like a decent company who cares about their products so lets give them the benefit of a doubt. Its a new version so bugs are to be expected but I’m sure comodo will resolve them. But until then, I will stick with 3.5.

You might want to give it a try anyway and see if you have issues. I’ve had no issues with 3.8.

I have the new CIS installed on 3 computers now. On two of them Heuristics found a couple of things, which on further review were malware. I will be installing new version on computer #4 tomorrow. I have had no problems with the new version. If anything our first three computers are running faster than before (and that is pretty quick).