latest upgrade

Hiya - been using Comodo for ages and not had any problems and recommended it to lots of folks and installed it for lots of people.

However, the latest one had all sorts of issues - hung at least two machines which failed to re-start after installation. Could not attached to previously seen networks and pc became invisible on the network after installation. Had to uninstall it, connect to the network again and then re-install. But for the lay person this is a pain and not something they coould understand.

We are all considering removing the Comodo fiirewall completely as it has become flaky and unreliable as this is at least the 4th time it has happened. Someone called me this morning to say one PC is again off the network and they cannot print. Once I remove the Comodo firewall the thing settles down again! Very disappointing guys.


Sorry to hear about your experiences with CIS.

It is hard for me to comment on what is happening as there is little information to go by.

About the situation of not being able to print I can only tell the following. If a program got automatically sandboxed it will give an alert about the Spooler service when a user wants to print. When the alert gets answered with no the user cannot print. That event will be logged by D+ and can be seen under View Defense + Events.