Latest upgrade of Comodo Firewall had a variant of Win32 adware Why?

ESET caught an addition of adware to the update of exisiting Firwalls, then uninstalls, leaving the Icon up. A new fresh download was also caught by ESET as a variant of Win32 adware.

Why, why, why?

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ESET has 32-33% market share with a long history. You are going to have to work around them. The new CIS with anti virus slows everything to an almost freeze. I have one of the fastest quads you can get if that made any difference anyway.

378 which I depended on for so long upgraded itself and then uninstalled itself on 3 of my 4 comps, the other isn’t on line.

I’ve been beta testing sophisticated products for a long time, and the last one I saw like this, should never had been a candidate for release.

Nobody so far has put an all in one together so far. When they do, they drop.

I did love 378, nice product. I’ve heard all the excuses but after begging one of companies not to release a bug ridden product, it did. It was so bad it made it to D and thrown away.

Why on earth did the 378 upgrade turn itself off, then uninstall itself, that is a story I would like to hear. I already have three witnesses, my three computers which I had to scramble to protect. Yikes!

By the way, I just bought a program retail upgrade. Obviously not a release candidate. It was supposed to search for VST’s, but when I hit scan, it started scanning my C drive at the alphabet letter A, at the top of my list was Adobe, it found malware in every single manufacturers program to the point of embarrassment. It made it to the alphabet letter D and locked up with too much information. As it came up with this malware I Googled all the malware in all of respected manufacturers products and every single piece it found was some sore of malware. In addition it all came up with a program to call back home to momma.

I really hate to have to add more but this one sticks in my craw. I learned this so long ago in Comodo history '07-08 that I forgot, I had to install ESET and Comodo in a certain way one before the other so they lived their lives happy and carefree.

The day before the collapse of .378, I watched as Comodo, ESET and some Microsoft System Program, certainly not their firewall or their defender at 1% to as high as 5-6% success rate found and created a quarantine folder for an for two large incoming programs with a variant of Win32/Packed.Themida application from none other than Sony and Native Instruments.

Everyone denies any form of malware, adware, spyware or call home programs. I called Sony on it in a popular forum for the product, and one of the techs said, we wouldn’t ever do that and replies, like, Sony would never do that, you are getting false positives.

STOP, did every one forget that Sony installed a root kit without peoples knowledge and had to pay, pay, pay.

Just look at your outgoing programs that are using com ports, this should tell you to switch them off the grid.

The only problem with ESET is that Comodo gives away a convoluted piece of software and expects novices to know how to use it. In it’s stock form it’s worthless, so everybody has to tweak or they may as well be using Steganos Internet Security 2008 7.5.509 which reached a staggering score of 3/70, reaching the level of 1, the Protection level of none, and in the red column of do not buy.

Well, actually hating beta testing, which even if you don’t know it, you are a beta tester for every company’s software you have on your computer. The biggest offender of course we know is Bill Gates. He throughs one from the Penthouse and lets us beta test a product that would never be a candidate for first release and we don’t get payed.

Sorry for the sarcasm, I just like my comp to be clean at all times, I like the discs defragged every day, and never open attachments.

I do this so I can speak of what at least I know is true even though it might be wrong.

I just didn’t want to beta test for Comodo, but not giving in to giving up even with leaves mounting and me trying to get rid of the rest, I sat down and tried to figure what Comodo was trying to say here.

Well, I ended up tweaking my brains out and it came out really, really good and to my satisfaction completely. It’s like a song, a good song, you have to try and understand what the artist is trying to put across, then you can make mental and acoustic adjustments.

I like it now but I really did not want to start the beta process and the bug finding but I did. The worst part of the “job” is that no one really believes you unless they are interested enough is trying to understand it may be impossible to re-create your crashes with their equipment. I have Comodo and ESET working in perfect harmony and it was all accomplished in less than three real hours and using my trick bag.

Nice job, I said it before.

It’s a false positive, Comodo shouldn’t work around ESET, Eset is yelling out that it’s an adware. Not comodo yelling at Eset.

I read your other posts on this thread but I don’t really see a point ???

Comodo is working perfectly with ESET after my interleaving of the two.

Another benefit for my three hours work is watching ESET go through a scan, and Comodo finds something in ESET’s scan and the red box comes up, tells me what it is, and asks if I want to quarantine it, remove it, can’t remember the third option. They work in perfect harmony together. As good as ESET’s malware program is, don’t bother even downloading their all in one, it’s way down on the bottom of the list and ruins the good part of ESET. The software ESET was scanning was Sony’s Acid Pro 7. Specifically, the loop files. Sony’s always at it again.

I would suggest that no one be without ESET antivirus, adware and malware program. Why, it has something special called threat sense. I have seen another program that reacts the same way, now, Comodo seems to act that way.

I am fairly sure that ESET would license the technology. As a matter of fact, Comodo acts like it has threat sense.

The two programs together are a monster. Thank you and sorry for the diss yesterday, I just didn’t feel like working on the two of them to make them compatible, way too much yard work before winter for someone that’s disabled. I really feel it this morning. Everybody say ooh, or good enough for you, you ■■■■.

Comodo scores again, thank you Comodo.

You may be right, I may be wrong but what’s important it worked. I wish they would stop yelling and slamming doors, I hate that. lol

Yeah I agree, I know that people have reported the toolbar false positive to ESET. I don’t know why they havn’t excluded it yet…

CIS doesn’t have hueristics yet… I’m not sure if Comodo would aquire any other programs… I think that they want to push the envelope more than anyone currently is.

I quite like ESET even though acording to some tests it has “dropped” When I have used it I have always been impressed with it’s hueristics\Low FP and very fast scan times.

It’s because the COMODO toolbar is a variant of the ask toolbar (if I read correctly) and toolbars are sketchy no matter whose toolbar it is.