Latest upgrade is messing with my Thunderbird program???

Upgraded Comodo this am. Then realized about an hour later I could not get any email to send. Was receiving just fine. Thought it was server - checked all my connections. Had no problem getting on the internet. Went into Comodo to be sure that Mozilla Thunderbird was flagged as a trusted site, it was, but reflagged it again.

Sent emails 3 or 4 times, but then seemed to be working. Now back to same problem. Anyone know what was in that update that is not making my outgoing Thunderbird email able to actually connect and send??

Hello SB Alaska

Could you please post a screen shot of your Firewall events?
(CIS > firewall > firewall events)

Also; What mode is the firewall on?
(Right Click CIS Icon > Firewall Security Level (What has a check mark)