Latest update of CIS keeps nagging for update

Ever since I updated CIS to 3.8.65951.477 – by accepting the update prompt – it keeps asking me to update each time after I log in to my production user ID (non-admin). This doesn’t happen in the admin user ID – which I use only when I’m doing maintenance work on the PC.

Poor Comodo guys just can’t make some things right. Last time same problem was encountered in Comodo System Cleaner, now in Comodo Internet Security…
Updater is a core element in antivirus and having problems with that is just not acceptable imo.

Same here. And I did a fresh install of .477
If I choose to update it then says it’s up to date, but will nag the next day.

Vista Prem 32 SP1
Admin Acc

EDIT: UAC Disabled

I had it tell me there was an update the day after the .477 update was released. I told it to update, but it did nothing. I haven’t seen it again since then.

Win XP Pro, SP2.
Admin account.

Happens on my vista machine, today, never happened before… Since I already got the latest CIS I clicked NO to apply the update…

vista premium sp1, all windows patches… UAC on…

Well, I booted up today and now it’s reporting everything fine with ‘no updates available’.
Seems like users are getting this at random times. Perhaps a server side issue rather than client side? ???

But then of course, it only happens in Vista but I read the proposed problem was with Vista’s UAC and the VirtualSotre folder when updating with the built in installer. I have always had UAC disabled and my VirtualStore folder has always been/is empty.


I just exported my configuration (to update it in its saved location) and now the update problem starts again. And I remember that this problem only started for me when I did some configuration imports/exports a few days ago.

Had you made changes to your trusted vendor list? If you change this, it will prompt for an update and give you the default list back. Perhaps other “user” settings are behaving similarly? You might look at your configurations and see what is different after the update.

Turns out that is what my “update” was about that I posted above. I thought nothing had been done, but it added all the vendors I had deleted back to my list. Apparently Comodo really wants me to trust those vendors. 88)

Ahh, could be the solution there…

I removed a lot of vendors yesterday… Kind of like a bug then… Dont feel like re-adding them thou… =S

Edit: bugreport someone? =)

If not I may do some testing and post one!

edit2: did some bug hunting… Can confirm that removing some vendors from the list course this, at least on my computer! 88) 88)

Yep, if you do your update, you will have the default list back.

It’s easy to test. Open the list, delete something, check for updates. Hey, what do you know? There’s an update available!

Then you’ll need to restart before you can see the default list again. Which is why I thought nothing had changed when I had it apply the update the day after the .477 release. Turns out that it did update, but all it updated was my trusted vendor list…

Edit: Created Bug Report.

Creating a new post in case Monkey_Boy=) doesn’t see my edit. I’ve created a Bug Report, feel free to add your system specs to that thread.

HeffeD, you are so right. :slight_smile: I was wondering why my vendors kept going back to default. It had nothing to do with exporting/importing.

Glad to help!

Like I said, Comodo really wants us to trust those vendors! :wink:

spot on playa…

same thing happened here. i hated it when i got reset (i’d added 6-7 trusted guys)… sucks.

solution: turn the damm auto-update off.

hello there. sorry for my English because it’s rusty (?) i have XP SP3 and CIS is doing the same to me. it’s about every 3 days the updater shows up and tell me there’s an update… but my trusted vendor’s list remains the same… in my case it its does not change anything… I’ve save my config before doing a fresh install and still does that… not that i care much because i go see if it is a real update throw the link of the release notes :slight_smile:

PS: does any one can tell me why CIS can’t run in windows safe mode with network? yesterday i run MBAM and SAS and MBAM found a Trojan.Vundo and SAS found 2 other finds (browsers something) and this morning the pc as off… it’s strange because i left it on during the night downloading some windows updates (non reboot ones). I’ve already browsed for topics but nothing seem to be like my problem… thanks any way

PSS: I’m Portuguese in case you wonder the time of my post :wink:

Well that can’t be my problem, because I never touched that vendor list. And I still get nagged every time I log in my non-admin user ID… >:(

!ot! thank you .fazio93. for the link but I’ve check it before posting here… the problem was that i wanted to do scan with CAV in safe mode but it give me an error… and the CIS showed that D+ wasn’t functionally…

well any way, in my case wen the updater comes to alert and i say yes to the update nothing happens… my list remains the same… could it be a bug that affects only some users config…

Just to add if you let it run in a limited account XP it does not add.
It deletes all nothing left in Trusted Vendors list :o
I did leave three there after install.

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