Latest update - no more GMail

What has Comodo done? With the latest update, on 2 of my computers, GMail instantly becomes unavailable. Agh!

All other web functions work just fine in IE8, IE9 & Chrome but NO GMail.

All help/advice appreciated. TIA

Are you referring to the update that happened in the last couple of days? This was only an update to repopulate the trusted vendor list. It shouldn’t have any effect at all on Gmail.

Gmail is working fine here for me. Do you perhaps have more info on the problem you’re experiencing? Any error messages?

What error do you get when you go to gmail?

Not convinced this is firewall related. But check Blocked Zones under Firewall → Network Security Policy. Did you make changes to the Web Browser policy (assuming you are using this policy on all mentioned browsers)?

Are you using a Hosts file list of some sort? Make sure gmail is not in that list.

I have the same problem.

All received and sent mails appear to be empty.
For example, here’s activation email from this forum:

There is no such error in Opera, Firefox or IE.
I mean, e-mails have full bodies in other browsers.

Running CD 17.1 here.

No problems with GMail.


Try clearing your cookies and cache and check if the issue persists.

Thank you.

Thank you for your time.

Erasing all cache (since ‘the begining of time’) didn’t resolve my problem.

I’ve downloaded and unpacked a portable version of the latest release of Chromium (18.0.1024.0 Developer build 119669) from this address:

I’ve ran both versions of browser, Comodo and Chromium and here is the result:

Chromium shows full mail body and Comodo don’t.

I’ll try to re-instal Comodo, but I don’t expect that to solve this because I’ve install a portable version of Comodo.
Maybe I should try to completely delete that folder ???

Just to inform you that this last worked.
I’ve deleted the complete Comodo Dragon folder and reinstal a portable version and now it works!