Latest update messed up OS's environment

I’m running Windows 10 and CIS Complete version

It wanted to update today which has worked fine all my previous times. But this time it ■■■■■■■ up my environment completely. It wanted a significant amount of info about apps quickly and when not answered quickly enough it isolated apps.

After trying to correct the situation(s), I gave up and reinstalled a system backup from yesterday.

This was a significant pain in the back side! Why can’t the update be smart enough to understand previous application(s) settings.

Your best bet is to export your config then do a clean install of the newer version then import your old config.

And for the record, how is that done?

To export your settings, it’s located under the General Settings > Configuration option, then just right click on the one you have active and export.

To do a clean uninstall, I believe the official steps to do it are;

  1. Uninstall from the control panel
  2. ? ? ?
  3. ? ? ?
  4. Pray it didn’t muck up your registry
  5. Install the new version
  6. Profit