latest update doesn't open main screen

the latest version of comodo firewall pro has just been installed ,yet if I click on the
desktop comodo icon nothing happens.
The former version opened the main sreen.
Firewall is operating all right though.

any advice?

This is by design it looks like. You have to use the systray icon to open the GUI. If you have the firewall closed and not in the systray then the desktop icon will open the main window.


Dear Jasper,

I don’t have a systray icon: it wasn’t installed!

use taskmanager to be sure its not really running…
I’ve found that very often, the systray icon doesnt appear, but it is running, and clicking the desktop icon does nothing. The only solution seems to be a reboot - and then it MIGHT come back.

Is there any resolution of this problem yet? I have encountered it as well. Desktop icon does nothing, no icon in system tray, can’t kill process. Defender+Alert is obviously running. This is a new install of XP SP2, 2gb RAM, 2.8 P4. Have removed and reinstalled CPF V3 twice to no avail.

A firewall that you cannot manage is a bit scary, especially as you cannot even get to the user manual to see what the options might be.

a dirty fix for this is to disable the service “SSDP” and reboot.
you should now be able to access the firewall from the tray.