latest update/database?

I have two questions about the latest database

1- is the latest database 18571 for the AV component of the internet security?
2- I tried updating it 5 mins ago, and it said i was up to date which i found odd since it’s been a day since i updated, so i tried again, and it worked. did you guys just update it right now, or is malware to blame for it not working the first time?

Hi princetongrad24,

  1. Database is currently at 18573 here.
  2. The intervals between updates has been inconsistent, so you most likely have nothing to worry about.

Kind regards.
Edit: Now 18575.

i just updated now, and the first time i clicked ‘‘update’’ all it did was check for program updates. i had to click check updates a second time for it to install the new database…why is this now occurring?

the database now at 1044 eastern time was 18583 right?


You can check latest db ver here: