Latest Update Causing Repeated Machine Lock-ups

The latest update (June 20th or so) is causing me major problems. Small games that use DirectX (like the trials you get from, Games2Download, BigFish etc.) have a 70% chance of locking up the entire machine so that it has to be rebooted forcefully. This never happened before the last update. I notice CIS is suddenly telling me that “xxx is trying to execute xxx” a lot more for all programs now, and this seems to be related to the problem (how does a program execute itself if it’s already running? I’m assuming the message is a little deceiving). It’s also suddenly warning me that all of those games mentioned above have TrojWare.Win32.CryptCFI.Gen@107309069. All of them? This has to be a false positive.

first make sure your trusted vendors list is there, sometimes it gets corrupted. If it is gone, go to the misc at the top and try to repair comodo, that should bring it back.

That list is fine. I only had two items in there - the two that the program won’t let me remove, which are COMODO itself. I don’t trust any vendor. I ran diagnostics and it didn’t report anything.

Note that 99% of the rest of the time, with all the rules I’ve supplied (via its notification windows), it works fine - it just seems to be DirectX that screws it up, but not always. Even AutoCAD 2010 seems to make my machine lock up, and that uses DX9 as well…

I have gone back to a previous version and I can confirm that things work fine now - no lockups so far. There is definitely a problem with the latest build. The problem might only occur if you have the strictest settings (I run in Paranoid mode - we’re talking about Defense+ here, in case that wasn’t obvious).

The machine does appear to still be running - at the last lockup it still showed disk activity (I was installing Windows updates and made the mistake of trying to run one of my favourite little games), and my router still shows internet activity. It’s just that the screen is frozen - even the mouse stops moving after a short while - and I appear to be unable to press anything to help. I did try waiting for a while this time as well, but no joy. In fact it had probably stopped to ask me permission on something during the Windows Update but of course I could neither see it nor approve it. After that I had finally had enough and uninstalled and reverted.

I’m back on 4.0.138377.779. That’s about 2 versions ago I think.